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Indians have always been known across world for their dignified behavior & respect they show . The rich cultural heritage has been a cause of attraction for people across world . India has been exhibiting a great sense of responsibilities towards women & has been committed towards the upliftment of women in every possible aspect . 

A lady brave heart caught in camera went viral . you might see her abusing and scaring driver and promptly being sacked by the authorities for her rash behavior. 

This happened in Houston US , however the story would have been entirely different would it be India. Several Such incident happening in India would have been widely acclaimed. Media would have rushed to such offenders as #Bravehearts . We could have observed several news channels running behind the Lady glorifying her act. 

The News Channels would quickly have pounced on the story like a lion on their prey . We have always been looking for idolizing figures and this act of abuse must have been shown as exemplary & noble cause of women empowerment. The offence would have turned out to be an act of honor. Poor Cab driver must have been booked under newly framed IPC section 354 under molestation & Sexual Abuse. If the lady would have shown little more annoyance , he could have been even branded as rapist & booked under Section 376 of IPC for charges of rape.

Some may feel that whats mentioned above is exaggerated , would refresh their memories with long fought media battle of innocent Rohtak boys who fall due to arrogance of #RohtakBravehearts. The State was quick enough to announce a reward for these serial offenders & media christened them #bravehearts . The trauma these boys undergo were immediate arrest & disallowed from participation SSB. Defamed  & dejected  & disowned inspite of strong witness & proof of innocence submitted by co passengers .The boys still cherish the trauma of branded as molestor & the pain is going to stay life long.

This is not the lone case of a female offender being glorified. Another case which became talk of town was Jasleen Vs Sarabjeet . where a road side brawl turned ugly. The Boy dared to agitate FEMFATALE & paid a price. 24 hours News Channels found their new lady luck & acknowledged her bravery. The Boy was baptized  as molester without even his side of the story heard. Times Now ace media Channel was later asked to apologies on the prime time for their biased reporting of the even however the apology never aired & channel till date has been able to get away with the case.

Still people may feel these are stand alone cases and we as Indians will still consider males as offenders & females as perpetual victims. We appreciate women victim stories as sacrosanct and never forget to blame " Patriarchy " for any adversities on women. 

The pain of Men & boy who undergo such oppression for some un found patriarchy & pay a heavy price for the same. The most renowned & loved celebrity are not spared. As per indian psyche of considering a female as perpetual victim, only the integrity of  male protagonist is under scanner. The Hritwik VS Kangna Battle is out in open & will see a new low of degrading moral ethics. I wont elaborate what Hritwik had to Say ....

Why Indian girls/women are intolerant is a big question mark ?? Now the ace agency & care taker of women welfare has to say- SMT Maenka Gandhi honorable minister of Women & Child welfare solely blames Men for any atrocities on women. The Ace agency is also responsible for framing laws for protection of women & their welfare . 

The thought process is a clear indicator of why indian women found gloriy in offending laws. The process of law enactment is garnered by WCD ministry & the past observation reveals it blindly copying foreign laws with Men as sole accused for all adversity on women. Thus all women protection laws are totally skewed in favor of women. 

Although the laws are widely used as extortion tool be it Section 498A- Cruelty by husband on wife or DV act 2005 , Rape or Molestation or  Adultery . The Indian  Law only recognizes males as offenders . The beauty of all these laws is all women needs are written complaints & no proof is required to initiate criminal investigation, thus what leads is arrest of men on mere accusations. Post which lies a long legal battle or succumb to extortion. 175 men commit suicide everyday , several time to retain their honor in such cases.

The legal recourse for men in all such cases is very limited & ineffective . A women can get away with any false accusation by merely paying a meagure sum without facing criminal prosecution. In majority of such cases media stands tall with such offending women & treat them with immense stardom & women enjoy their new found glory.

No Country offers such immunity to women & that's the reason of audacity women enjoy in homeland. The same when practiced in foreign land leads them to trouble. Sadly this is what happened with Anjali. 

Alas, as long as we enjoy the tantrums of FEMFATALE this story will be continued... 

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